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Sculptshe Shapewear

Hi dears! How is everything? I hope you are great.

It's been a while since my last fashion post but it doesn't mean that I don't have interest anymore, I still loving it!

Today I would like to share a company that I've dicovered recently called Sculptshe.

Their main products are body shaper for women but could you ever imagine how many types of shapers we can find?

X-mas is around the corner and it's the most wonderful time of the year, and we love to wear our best outfits. In my daily life i prefer wear comfy clothes but in special occasions like this (and other type of events like weddings, proms,...) I love to look like beautiful and special...like a princess, for sure ;)

So to look better, sometimes is necessary to wear something behind, I mean the body shaper. Wearing that your outfit will shine, and for sure you!!

Let me show what the brand says: they have adjustable straps so you can feel comfortable anytime. Don`t worry about the materials, they have made them elastic, breathable, non-irritable and skin-friendly. They also are pretty sure that they offer better quality at reasonable prices, you can find discounts many times (like this week, because you know, it's Black Friday) . In addition, they take care about the finishes of the clothes (hook and eyes, YKK zippers, velcro) to prevent mishaps. 

You can find almost every product in two colours: beige and black, and sometimes in grey (coffe)e, so you can adapt to every outfit.

I will show you different models, for different occasions.

 I've just shared or evoked some ideal moments, but it isn't all shine and glamour. 

Overbust postpartum recovery body shaper
Overbust postpartum recovery body shaper

We can't forget some painful but at the end also unforgettable moments like childbirth or maybe some surgerys that we undergo to be healthier which as consequence leave us scars and pain that can be minimized wearing a body shaper.

And it doesn't matter which is your size, every woman can find there something, because they have plus size waist trainer.

What's more, this one  I believe looks more like the traditional model that you have in mind. 

plus size lifter hooks high waist shaper shorts

At the same time you can obtain three benefits at the same time: waist trainer, butt lifter and thight slimmer. Have you ever considered wearing this on you everyday routine? Because i'ts also possible and you'll have it on the correct position because the floral lace hem stays in place with no-slide edges.

Finally i share my favourite option. It includes the bra with the shaper so you only have to wear one piece 

U back underwire bodysuit

I think that this one will be perfect for everything except for strapless necklace. In that case I suggest the second one.

Feel free to search on the web, maybe you find another one that could look better on you like the long sleeve bodysiut or two pieces shaper that looks like more like a common bra and long panties.

Let me know what you think. Have you ever worn a shapewear? If so, in which occasion? Have you bought something in Sculptshe?


13 comentarios:

  1. ¡Hola! La verdad es que a mí el tema de las fajas no me termina de gustar. Seguro que hay muchas que son cómodas pero me parece una forma como de estar embutida en la ropa xDDD Un besito ^^

  2. Hola! no conocía la web. Gracias por la recomendación. Besos

  3. siempre va bien conocer estos productos y webs

  4. Tengo que reconocer que en algún momento puntual he usado faja, para alguna boda, con algún vestido complicado jajajaa, no tan grandes como este, sino una que recolocara la barriga por ejemplo después del parto y tal. El último body me ha encantado, y si fuera en negro más aún. Voy a echarle un ojo a la web a ver si veo algo que me interese. Mil gracias por enseñárnoslo! Un besote!

  5. Ehhh que buena opción para poder llevar un vestido e ir toda esculpida! Para estas navidades viene genial y tipito que deja jajajaja buena elección

  6. ¡Hola!
    Pues menudo abanico de posibilidades tiene la marca, vamos, he estado cotilleando y es que hay para todos los gustos y necesidades.
    Yo confieso que solo he usado puntualmente con el típico vestido que no quieres que se vean las marcas, y por otro lado, usé para una lesión de espalda.
    Lo que sí debo decir que no, no conocía la marca, pero de animarme de nuevo con una de ellas, ya sé donde mirar.

  7. Ya sabes que conozco la web pero probar aún no he probado nada porque no suelo usar este tipo de prenda pero para algún vestido muy ceñido lo veo muy útil. Bsss

  8. Me parece una buena alternativa para salir también de algún apuro y poder lucir una silueta tonificada, algunos vestidos ceñidos necesitan un modelador que arme mejor la silueta.

  9. I don't use them very often, but I like them...they seem very good quality and I would recommend them to more than one friend. Thank you very much.

    Hace tiempo que estoy buscando una!!
    Solo de vez en cuando, aunque estoy haciendo ejercicio para no tener que usar algo asi, pero igual lo tengo en la lista, como que a veces quiero y otras no jaja..


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